Expandable Space Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack



The Expandable Cat Carrier Backpack allows a wider visual view from the bubble dome. The expandable back panel gives more room and play time at outdoor activity.

Breathable and Ventilation: With extra 9 holes around this cat carrier and two side windows to allow great air circulation and ventilation inside, the expanded back panel opens to be a giant tent bed for your cat to enjoy outdoor time with nature and sunshine. 

Portable and Shoulder-Wear: The padded shoulder straps cat carrier backpack has an adjustable chest buckle for travel and hiking and outdoor activity.

Eye-catching and Lightweight: The entire backpack is less than 3 lbs, recommended for cats from 0-12lbs to leave enough room inside to turn around.  This bag is airline approved.

The super wear-resistant shell perfectly protects the bag against biting and scratching by your cat.



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